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Back in May 2018 The NSW Federation of Housing Associations announced figures that highlighted growing affordable housing stress across the Riverina, it also called for urgent action via all levels of Government stating the growing need for action to tackle rental stress and home affordability across the board.

CEO Wendy Hayhurst said recently “it’s no surprise that there’s not a single property affordable for a young family on minimum wage or government support in Sydney”, more importantly, a report from Anglicare also shows housing stress biting hard in our regional areas such as Wagga Wagga.

A recent government report also shows financial stress is growing across all age groups adding even more pressure to home affordability. 

This is why we started Grouse House Homes as a pressure relief valve for struggling Australians trying to get a foothold into the property market door.

We’ve designed our copyrighted homes to save money while not compromising on quality or environment. We want you to build a home you can not only be proud of but also pay off early helping you enjoy retirement without struggling to pay rent and helping you become debt-free sooner!

Our homes are also completely modular, meaning you can make changes to wall positions or even add rooms or ensuites!

Let’s face it, Wagga Wagga is a great place to live with a robust rural community coupled with relatively affordable land compared to our capital cities making your choice to build local not only a wise one but also beneficial for your family and community.

To make the choice even simpler, we hired the best architects in the compact home building niche to create new designs that seem to defy logic by looking spacious, open and inviting.

We’ve negotiated extremely good rates with fully qualified local builders using high-quality materials and fittings such as Reece appliances. 

All this comes together thanks to our quality builders who actually know how to build new homes and not throw generic oof the shelf lifeless kits together. Our workmanship, designs, materials and price all come together creating an end result that could please the most fastidious buyer.

Grouse House Homes and granny flats are priced to buy for the serious homeowner and engineered to alleviate the housing affordability problem in Wagga Wagga over the long term.

Invest and earn, buy to live in and pay off early, either way, you can’t go wrong by putting more money into your pocket rather than the banks.

Have one of our new home builder or granny flat builders create a home you will be proud of.

Check out our floor plans then discuss your options with one of our local representatives. We’ll help you find out what council development rules you need to know in order to build your brand new home without a hitch. 

We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Learn more here and contact us here to book a no-obligation free site inspection today!

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There’s no better time to build a new home in Wagga Wagga than the present!

No matter what your goal is, Grouse House Homes are here to help you get into a new home sooner.

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Six Reasons Why You Need To Build A New Home

New Home Builder

First Home Buyers

Owning your own home has never been easier! Take advantage of a generous government grant PLUS save on stamp duties!

New Investment Property Builder


Increase your returns. Turn an empty backyard into a money earner. Double your rental income PLUS earn capital gains.

Build A Retirement Home

Retirement Home

These can cost big $ so build a 2nd dwelling on your existing site, get a govt carer to visit, and see your investment increase in value.

Downsizing New Home


Sell your BIG home, invest in a smaller Grouse House and put the difference into a tax advantage fund and let the savings work for you.

Build A Home Office Retreat


Create a home/office retreat or a great way for newlyweds to save up and get a head start without moving out from Mum & Dads

Home Lending

Home Lending

Finance is readily available to approved applicants on our entire range of Grouse House affordable living homes.

Nobody could believe you could own a brand new home for this price!

So the team at Grouse House Homes had to prove them wrong 😃

New Home Open Plan Design Granny Flat

Open Plan

Wide Uncluttered Floor Plan

Affordable Home Builder

Top Quality

The Best Appliances & Materials

Cost Efficient

Lower Deposit - Easier Access

You Save

More Money In Your Pockets 💰

Affordable New Home

Built New - Just The Way You Like It ✔

She's A Grouse Little House!

Come and take a quick look with one of our fully qualified builders!

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