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Considering a New Home or Granny Flat in West Parkes?

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Grouse House Homes has created the most affordable homes on the market today and the part is they are all completely modular, meaning you can make changes to wall positions or even add rooms or ensuites! Parkes is a great place to live with a thriving rural community and relatively affordable land which makes it idyllic for building a granny flat or home.

We spent a lot of time finding the best architects to come up with designs that maximise floor space in such a way that our new homes and granny flats look spacious and inviting. A great home you can be proud of built with quality materials and constructed with meticulous craftsmanship that will please the most fastidious buyer. 

Grouse House Homes and granny flats are definitely not overpriced, in fact, we’ve secured low price points and cut our paypackets to help with Australia’s growing unaffordability issues in acquiring a new home. If you live in Parkes you can now own a brand new home faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.

Get one of our new home builder or granny flat builders to create a living space you will be proud of.

Check out our floor plans and talk with one of our representatives to discuss council development on your block, financing opportunities and design options available.

Lets make a plan together and get you the keys to your brand new home sooner!

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New Home Young NSW

There’s no better time to build a new home in Parkes than the present!

No matter what your goal is, Grouse House Homes are here to help you get into a new home sooner.

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Six Reasons Why You Need To Build A New Home

New Home Builder

First Home Buyers

Owning your own home has never been easier! Take advantage of a generous government grant PLUS save on stamp duties!

New Investment Property Builder


Increase your returns. Turn an empty backyard into a money earner. Double your rental income PLUS earn capital gains.

Build A Retirement Home

Retirement Home

These can cost big $ so build a 2nd dwelling on your existing site, get a govt carer to visit, and see your investment increase in value.

Downsizing New Home


Sell your BIG home, invest in a smaller Grouse House and put the difference into a tax advantage fund and let the savings work for you.

Build A Home Office Retreat


Create a home/office retreat or a great way for newlyweds to save up and get a head start without moving out from Mum & Dads

Home Lending

Home Lending

Finance is readily available to approved applicants on our entire range of Grouse House affordable living homes.

Nobody could believe you could own a brand new home for this price!

So the team at Grouse House Homes had to prove them wrong 😃

New Home Open Plan Design Granny Flat

Open Plan

Wide Uncluttered Floor Plan

Affordable Home Builder

Top Quality

The Best Appliances & Materials

Cost Efficient

Lower Deposit - Easier Access

You Save

More Money In Your Pockets 💰

Affordable New Home

Built New - Just The Way You Like It ✔

She's A Grouse Little House!

Come and take a quick look with one of our fully qualified builders!

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