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According to CoreLogic and Archistar, over 500,000 properties across Australia have enough space to build a granny flat. Doing so could raise home values up to 30% while also adding over 27% more rental income for property owners like you in Wagga Wagga and the Riverina in general.

Whether you or your parents are looking to downsize, or your family simply needs a “right-sized” housing solution, adding a granny flat to your existing property can be an affordable, creative investment solution. What is right-sized housing? Some-what different from downsizing, the term refers to housing that suits your needs now and in the future. Rather than selling or renovating your current home, you add an adaptable dwelling or a granny flat to your property.

There’s no better time to build a new home or Granny Flat in the Riverina than now!

No matter what your goal is, Grouse House Homes are here to help you build an affordable new home sooner.

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Not for Retirees Only

Granny flats aren’t just for retirees. Quite the contrary, they are opportunities for all generations to live independently and closer together at the same time. Alternately, they are attainable investment opportunities that allow you to increase your property value and add rental income.

A granny flat is a small dwelling that most often stands apart from the main house on a residential property. If you’re building a granny flat, you can customize it as you choose, and even make it an extension of your home rather than stand apart from it. The granny flat builder will recommend that your structure has a full kitchen, a bathroom, living room, and one or more bedrooms.

Granny flats are versatile, cheap houses that have become popular among the younger generations as well as the older generation. Younger people want to live independently but inexpensively so that they can build their savings or pay off student loans. Many Grouse House clients in Wagga Wagga are older couples who wish to help their adult children in their efforts to save money.

Adaptable as Your Family Needs Change

Granny flats are adaptable and serve families in many ways. What makes a granny flat different from a garage apartment or other guest house is that it is designed as both an extension of the main house as well as a private dwelling unto itself. For example, the granny flat is an independent dwelling that shares a yard with the main house.

For your family, that means communal living. However, it also means independence and privacy for the members who live in the secondary dwelling. This is ideal if you wish to remain close to one another and share financial responsibilities for the property. And, because the houses are physically separate, everyone lives independently.

Someday, your circumstances may change and no one will be living in the flat. At that point, the flat becomes a rental property. Your tenants will have their own dwelling with more privacy than a garage apartment or even a traditional commercial apartment. No shared walls! As the homeowner, you have the added benefit of rental income without investing in a second property elsewhere.


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Relaxed Legislation Permits Granny Flats

In the past, permits and zoning restrictions made it hard to consider building a secondary dwelling on a residential property. Recently, however, states have modified legislation to lower restrictions on secondary homes like granny flats. The goal was to improve housing affordability with a focus on capital city neighborhoods.

Because granny flats enable you to accommodate more than one independent household on the same property, they also address Australia’s current shortage of affordable housing in well-established suburbs. That means more affordable housing in areas close to schools and hospitals and public transport. A granny flat can transform Australia’s suburbs by adding economical and environmentally sustainable housing. To put it simply, people want to live closer to the city where they work, so adding granny flats to these suburban neighborhoods enables people to do just that.

If you’re interested in building a granny flat, be sure to contact your local council. They can provide you the guidelines for granny flats. You’ll need to review the size of your block, the dimensions of the granny flat model you wish to build (most states have a maximum size), and the distance from the property boundary as well as the distance from the existing house.

Keep in mind that your home builder or granny flat builder will be familiar with your state or territory’s restrictions for secondary dwellings. They can ensure that the structure adheres to all the local restrictions.

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Why the Sudden Rise in Popularity?

The recent changes in legislation have supported the granny flat’s spike in popularity. It’s easier than ever to establish dual occupancy or secondary dwellings. The new legislation has allowed for a greater variety of housing options, and the granny flat is an affordable house option for many families and homeowners.

A granny flat is an opportunity for you to build a small house on your land and have the house and land on separate titles. This is advantageous if you wish to have your retired parents live with you or one of your grown children.

Because the guidelines for dual-occupancy subdivisions are now more relaxed, neighbourhoods that did not previously comply are now suitable for granny flats. Thus, homeowners like you can increase your property value while catering to your family’s personal housing needs.

New South Wales Leading the Charge

New South Wales is Australia’s current granny flat capital, with over 6065 flats built in 2018. The regulations in NSW are more flexible than other states. If the residence meets the criteria, the owner can apply for a complying development certificate, rather than lodging a full development application. This is an easier and faster process.

In addition, the larger land size in NSW supports the addition of secondary dwellings. Families have the acreage to build granny flats. Finally, the varying cultures in the region have long supported multi-family living.

Landowners across Australia are taking NSW’s lead and building a cheap house on the property they already own rather than invest in new real estate.

Why Build a Granny Flat?

While we have already discussed the most popular reason to invest in a granny flat, which is multi-family living, there are other uses and benefits of a secondary dwelling like a granny flat.

Affordable Investment Property

If you’re looking to rent out your granny flat, you can expect to earn a rent comparable to an apartment or Airbnb unit. That being said, the rent you charge will be less than a commercial apartment (then again, so is your investment), and that is the draw for potential tenants. Your initial investment is not nearly the cost of purchasing a property and building a house or set of apartments so that you can expect 20-25% returns.

Thus, adding a granny flat adds value to your property. Not only will you improve the look of your property and increase your living space, but you will increase your property’s value as well.

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Add a Home Office

Are you a business owner? If so, save money by building an office at home. You may not need to rent commercial space at all. Having an office on your property gives you a separate workspace that’s literally close to home. The lack of a commute also promotes a better life/work balance.

A granny flat floorplan can be customized to create a professional home office suitable to host clients. At the same time, you can significantly cut your overhead and travel costs.

Care for Elderly Parents

The original intent of a granny flat (and hence the name) is to provide a home for your retired or elderly parents. While they may not need a nursing home or even an assisted living facility, you don’t want them to live completely alone. You just want them close enough for you to look in on them from time to time. A granny flat allows them to maintain their independence.

Affordable Housing for Young Adults, Couples, and College Graduates

If you or your adult child is trying to save for a down payment on a new home, you need somewhere affordable to live. Granny flats allow you to do that and live independently at the same time. Rather than live with your parents, you have a lovely home of your own within your budget. Whether your landlord is your mother or a non-relative, the rent for a granny flat will be less than a standard apartment, which makes it all the more attractive to those on a budget.

Times are changing, and many younger people live at home for longer, especially as college degree programs expand, and students spend more time satisfying those program requirements. So, a granny flat is the natural next step for many people. Newlyweds also find this an advantageous living situation, as it allows them to begin their marriage and careers in a small, affordable home.

Building a granny flat costs less than renovating your main house. And, because it’s separate from your main home, you can re-purpose the flat into a rental property once your children move on to their own property.

Build a Custom Hobby Space

Are you a craftsman or a seamstress? Perhaps you are an artist or have another creative hobby that takes a good bit of space. A granny flat makes a perfect, peaceful studio for you to work at your art. It’s a place set apart from your home where you can have privacy or invite guests as you wish. It also keeps your hobby supplies from cluttering up your main living space.


Our Granny Flats

Explore our affordable range of floor plans or maybe design one yourself using our modular options. Your design choices are unlimited at Grouse House!

The Bilby MkII

  • Two Bedroom
  • Patio Under Main
  • Open Plan
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Granny Flat Zoning
  • Insulated
  • Built In Robes

Customizable Designs

When it comes to style, granny flats are miles beyond the old converted garages of yesterday. Once you’ve contracted a granny flat builder, you have dozens of designs from which to choose. Those turn-key design packages come with flexible features and other options, including gourmet kitchens and designer bathrooms.

As you know, the granny flat is much smaller than the primary home on the property. They can be as small as 60 square metres. Don’t let that deter you, however. Designs and floorplans vary widely, with some managing to fit up to three bedrooms plus a full kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Grouse House is a granny flat builder that specializes in granny flats. Our designs include built-in amenities for the older generation, such as ramps and handicap rails in the bathrooms, as well as wider doorways to accommodate a wheelchair.

If you’re going for a home office or hobby space/craft studio, then you can opt for a streamlined, more open floorplan. Single story or multiple stories, it’s up to you. If space permits, add a garage or carport. By design, granny flats can be built rapidly, many in as little as 10-12 weeks rather than months.

A Granny Flat for You

A granny flat is a solution that works for just about everyone, making house and land packages more affordable than you may think. If you already own the land, then it’s a small investment compared to a significant home renovation or new construction on a traditional home.

Because the title for the granny flat is separate from the land title, newlyweds, recent college graduates, and retirees on a fixed income can afford a granny flat home. The same applies to investors just breaking into the market.

Due to the updated legislation in almost all states, receiving approval for your granny flat is a smoother process than it once was as well. Many times, owners receive approval in under ten days. In fact, you may not even need to take it to counsel if your flat complies with all your state’s conditions and restrictions.

Here at Grouse House, we have in-house certifiers that take care of the application and approval process for you. We can submit your design and building application for approval for you. In fact, we take care of this from the beginning by prepping and lodging all the required paperwork.

Build On Your New Block of Land

Grouse House Homes also specialize in budget priced new homes built on your freehold block. Ranging in size from 60sqm 2 bedroom upto 110sqm 3 bedrooms all designed for the cost conscious first home buyer or investor including high quality materials, fixers & workmanship we aim to make affordability easy.

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Grouse House is run by highly-skilled, licensed professional builders who specialize in granny flats for all populations, from retirees settling into their golden years to newlyweds just beginning the adventure. Whether you are a seasoned property owner looking to expand your rental income, or a first-time homebuyer with a limited budget, we have a package for you.

Our designs are efficient and stylish. We offer hassle-free turn-key packages with customisable features that enable you to create a living space that matches your taste and personality. To learn more, contact us today and receive your obligation-free quote.

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