The Bilby MkII

A perfect solution for any spare land designed specifically to take advantage of the NSW Granny Flat zoning rules.

Starting at an incredible $137,500*

*Excludes Site costs & Council Fees

Wagga Wagga's Most Affordable Granny Flat Builder

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Bilby mk2


Welcome to your new smaller smarter home!

A roomy house design with flexible interiors designed the way you want them. Our basic model is VERY affordable. Lots of free inclusions! Finance also available to approved applicants.

This inexpensive home, which is proving popular with first home buyers, downsizes and investors, is now available through the Riverina. It has taken me a long time to develop a unique quality home that uses quality materials built by trusted local licensed builders.

Granny Flat Builder Wagga Wagga




Great for Grannies and First Home Home buyers. Single people love it too because of it’s “Not too big not to small” but just right design appeal.


Your ideas can now come to life, we give you the options to flip, rotate and reverse floor-plans. You may also want to add a room/s, patio or garage. 


You have the option of modifying our designs exterior & interiors to reflect your personality with a wide choice of fixtures and fittings.

Add some freebies!

Add some extras?

Contact us anytime for a no obligation site inspection and fixed price quotation. Keep in mind that all our homes are completely modular and interchangeable to suit any site or design requirement. 

Simply fill in our online inquiry form or call us now on 02 6169 1080 and let Grouse House Homes build your dreams for less!


Affordable Granny Flat Builder Wagga Wagga

Estimated repayments: $91/week*

Based on 20% deposit at 3% interest over 25 years.

Mortgage Payments

mortgage calculator with pmi, insurance and taxes.

*Images in this brochure may depict landscaping, fences and upgraded fixtures, features or finishes which are not included. For availability and pricing of these items please discuss with your Grouse House rep.

Grouse House are not financial advisors, please see our Financial advice *disclaimer for more details.

Book your free consultation with Richard to find out more:

Got some site cost questions?


Site costs pay for the preparation of your building block before foundations can be installed. There’s a couple of key points that make up overall site costs:


  1. Infrastructure

Before you can commence work on your site we need to tick a few boxes.


  1. Local building permits and fees
  2. Soil test report
  3. Contour mapping of your site
  4. Builders construction insurance
  5. Home owners warranty
  6. Temporary security fencing

A more detailed breakdown will be provided in your initial quotation from our licensed builder.


  1. Site works

These costs result from the actual physical work required to prepare your site for foundations. I final cost will be detailed for you after the various test have been concluded on your building block.

Some of these test include but not limited to:


  1. Slab upgrade due to soil conditions such as fall/slope of block and level of back filling required to level out your site.
  2. Installation of services such as gas/water
  3. Retaining walls
  4. Extra fill (Soil)
  5. Excess soil removed
  6. Removal of rock or maybe core drilling for slab piers
  7. Estate covenants

Site costs include all the steps necessary in order to prepare your site before construction. These include all regulatory fees and charges, soil testing, cut & filling of soil, retaining walls, rock/debris removal, installment of services and any ancillary items required before construction.

You can break down the cost of site preparation into fixed costs while others are determined on soil test results and/or difficulties the builder may foresee during preparation. An example would be extra drilling depths for concrete piers in order to find solid substrate. These fees can be negotiated in many cases depending on the site.

A more detailed itemization will be provided in full by our licensed builder/s.

Site costs are calculated based on a number of factors. That is why its hard to arrive at a correct figure without prior consultation and site inspection. Some key factors can be:

  1. Problematic soil (Rock, clay, sand can effect movement)
  2. Cut & Filling required
  3. Size of block
  4. Drainage requirements
  5. Soil stability
  6. Length to connect essential services
  7. Retaining walls etc

It’s also important to note that a firm price for site costs will not be available until certified testing reports are made available. Only guesstimates can be provided beforehand.

It’s almost impossible to calculate a correct figure until all the necessary information required is complied. Every land owners building site varies depending geographical location, soils types, size of block and numerous other factors that come into play.

The best way to acquire an approximate figure is by organizing a free site inspection with your Grouse House licensed builder. 

The Bilby MkII - Granny Flat

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