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The mission of Grouse House Homes is to build low-cost quality homes that are affordable, extendable, and environmentally friendly.
The Grouse House is a copyrighted design that makes it easier, therefore less expensive to build; and to give it a unique “look” providing you the ability to incorporate unique features, interiors and colours you want in order to make the house uniquely your own and any size you want.
The trademark bird is a “green” Grouse which is a nesting bird! Thus representative of a home lover ❤
The registered trademark is only allowed to be used on environmentally friendly homes of superior quality and design that’s built by our special hand-picked licensed builders.

Our Designs

Explore our affordable range of floor plans or maybe design one yourself using our modular options.

The Bilby MkII

  • Two Bedroom
  • Patio Under Main
  • Open Plan
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Granny Flat Zoning
  • Insulated
  • Built In Robes

The Banksia MKIII

  • 3 Bedroom
  • Patio Under Main
  • Built In Robes
  • Porch
  • Open Plan Dining
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Modular Designs
Home Builder Wagga Wagga
  • 4 Bedroom
  • Ensuite
  • Patio
  • Walk-In-Robe
  • Built-ins
  • Reverse Cycle Air
  • Modular Desings

Don’t see what you like? No worries! We can make any design you like with our expert team of draftsman!

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6 Reasons Why You Need To Consider Us:

First Home Buyers

Owning your own home has never been easier! Take advantage of a generous government grant PLUS save on stamp duties!


These can cost big $ so build a 2nd dwelling on your existing site, get a govt carer to visit, and see your investment increase in value.

Retirement Home

These can cost big $ so build a 2nd dwelling on your existing site, get a govt carer to visit, and see your investment increase in value.


Create a home/office retreat or a great way for newlyweds to save up and get a head start without moving out from Mum & Dads.


These can cost big $ so build a 2nd dwelling on your existing site, get a govt carer to visit, and see your investment increase in value.

Home Lending

*Finance is readily available to approved applicants on our entire range of Grouse House affordable living homes .

Did you know 2 million Australians live alone and few builders are providing low cost homes with finance that can be paid for sooner rather than later?

Thus, in collaboration with some architects and designers, we designed, copyrighted and branded a low cost quality purpose built home, with a modifiable unique façade, which gives a small home plenty of individual character and scale, therefore giving you pride of ownership.

Recently there has been a change in the market away from McMansions to a lower cost, simply designed home with a low carbon footprint; that can be made to order by modifying our standard design to make the home uniquely ones’ own.

Our 59.45 sq.m debt busting Granny Flat version is a complying development under NSW law so the council cannot stop it being built on a site as a second dwelling provided, as a rule of thumb, the primary dwelling doesn’t take up more than 50% of the site.

Our larger 3 bedroom design is 110 sq.m and is completely modular so it can be changed to suit any customers requirements at a price that will knock your socks off just like our much bigger 180 sq.m 4 bedroom!

In short, our custom designed homes can be made any size you like and can be built inexpensively by adapting it to our basic design.

Let’s find out more 👇

Versatile – optimised – space saving homes are just the beginning.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a high quality first home or for your retirement, investment, home office and more.

  1. According to a recent report by ABC, homeownership in Australian is falling. In 2019, a third of all Australian households rented rather than owned their homes. Compare that figure to 20 years ago, when only a quarter of households rented.
  2. Today’s families find themselves balancing the cost of living with an increasing amount of debt and other financial obligations. Homeownership may seem out of reach. However, it doesn’t have to be.
  3. Grouse House and other home builders like us offer smaller, affordable modular homes that are an excellent option for first time home buyers, retirees, and even investors. If you’d like the freedom of living in your own home but without the hefty mortgage payment, consider a Grouse House home.
  4. Often called Granny Flats, these homes are for more than just retirees. They are for anyone who wants an affordable house from a reputable home builder and with no hidden costs. Next are just some of the reasons a smaller, smarter home may be for you.

Buying Your First Home 

Buying a home for the first time can be challenging, to say the least. Even if you have secured a loan, you don’t necessarily want to spend more than you have to. Nor do you want to find any unexpected added costs along the way. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence when buying a traditional home.

With a Grouse House, you don’t have any hidden fees. Our homes are smaller, more affordable, and come in several attractive designs to suit your tastes. Most lenders require you to put a 20% deposit down on your new home. For a sizeable traditional house, that is a steep figure that keeps many people from buying a home.

With a Granny Flat, your down payment now and your mortgage payment later are significantly smaller than a traditional home. The same goes for your utility payments. A modest, modular home is efficient and requires less power to run.


Affordable home
Building a new granny flat

Investing Rather Than Paying

The reason why paying rent month after month is so frustrating is that you’re paying someone else’s mortgage rather than creating your own equity. Homeownership is more than the freedom that comes with owning your own home. It’s an investment opportunity that allows you to build equity in your home and property.

If you’re ready to take that step but don’t have a lot of money reserved for a down payment, take a look at Granny Flats. They are smaller, cost-effective, and efficient. All of that equates to a more modest down payment and lower mortgage payments.

Also, under certain circumstances, you may be able to finance the home separately from the property. Many families often split the financial responsibility that way, with multiple generations living in separate houses on the same land.


There’s no better time to build a new home or Granny Flat in the Riverina than now!

No matter what your goal is, Grouse House Homes are here to help you build an affordable new home sooner.

Downsizing your home


Whether you’re approaching retirement or looking to downsize for financial reasons, a Granny Flat is a great option. Many retirees have sold their family homes and are looking to invest the proceeds rather than put them all into the new property.

They are more than happy to downsize in order to move into a smaller home with less maintenance and upkeep. Typically, retirement villages and other leasing options were the first choices. Not so anymore. Now, recent retirees can still own their own homes, just on a smaller scale.

Likewise, families who find themselves downsizing from two incomes one, due to a death, layoff, or divorce, can keep their homeowner status. According to Statista, unemployment was 5.14% in 2019. So far, in 2020, it’s fallen, just a little bit to 5.11%.

Projections show that it will continue to fall, which is positive, though at a slow rate. Thus, even in a steady economy, unemployment remains an issue for Australians.

People who find themselves with reduced income due to a layoff have the option to sell their home and either rent or buy a less expensive, often smaller, home. They can sell their expensive home and invest in a module Granny Flat with a lower mortgage payment.

Grouse House homes are smaller, yes, but they are well-designed and spacious, with full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and luxury bathrooms. They easily accommodate a couple as well as a growing family with children and pets.


Owning a granny flat is a wise choice

Retirement Home of a Different Kind

Granny Flats are fast becoming the new “retirement home” of choice for retirees. Because one can finance a home separately from the property, many retirees are building their retirement homes on their children’s properties. By downsizing and moving onto their children’s land, they are maintaining their independence. At the same time, they are close to their children and grandchildren, able to enjoy holidays and everyday events with family. Their relatives are close by should they need them.

Often, retirees choose to move closer to hospitals and other medical specialists in an effort to maintain their health. The affordability provided by a modular Granny Flat allows them to choose their location and worry less about the cost.

Regardless of the reason, Australians in their 50s and 60s say they have more flexibility with Granny Flats. They can easily take off and travel. The lower price gives them extra income, and the regulations of a retirement village do not confine them.



grouse house

Our message is


How you can turn the greatest economic event in the last 89 years into your greatest opportunity ever!

  • If you’ve got a little block of land somewhere it’s costing you money paying rates etc and earning you nothing!
  • If you’ve got your savings in some bank or other you’re probably lucky to be earning 2% p.a with the risk of inflation depleting its value. You’re probably better off stashing it under your mattress!
  • If you’ve got your money invested in the stock market you’ll probably be losing money at the moment; and feeling like you’re riding the Big Dipper at a Fun Fair!
  • Or you could put a Grouse House or Granny Flat on your block of land and get way better return by either saving on rent payments or collecting rent payments!

Here’s how we can help you:

  • We can provide you with a FREE NO OBLIGATION PLAN with your choice of materials and colours that will include all those little extras that are important to you.
  • If you need finance we’ll help you with a NO OBLIGATION FINANCE PACKAGE with NO BROKERAGE FEES with an interest rate that’s aimed to please.
  • We will build your new home with one of our specially qualified Grouse House Licensed Builders!

Investment Properties

Granny Flats make excellent investment properties, especially for first-time investors who don’t have a lot of capital. The affordability is perfect for the budget-minded property owner as well as the renter. As we stated at the beginning, the number of individuals and families who are leasing rather than buying in Australia is rising. Thus, investment rental properties are a wise investment.

Also, the popularity of short-term rentals like Airbnb has raised the demand for smaller, cosy homes to serve as temporary housing and vacation rentals. In fact, Airbnb is displacing hotels and other holiday resorts as people’s first choice of travel accommodation.

In 2019, 4.5 million people booked stays in regional Australia. This provided quite the economic boost for property owners, especially those in areas with fewer hotels. And, one strong reason to consider an economical Granny Flat as your next investment property.

Many of our customers have purchased homes from us as investment properties but eventually repurposed them as guest houses, home offices, and even makerspaces. The value of their investment continued, even if different than they originally intended.


Environmentally friendly home

Nobody could believe you could own a brand new home for this price!

So the team at Grouse House Homes had to prove them wrong 😃

New Home Open Plan Design Granny Flat

Open Plan

Wide uncluttered floor plan

Affordable Home Builder

Top Quality

The best appliances & materials

Cost Efficient

Lower Deposit - Easier Access

You Save

More money in your pockets 💰

Home Builder, Granny Flat Builder

Why a Grouse House Home?

Grouse House Homes are great homes with even better curb appeal. We apply our copyrighted space expanding architectural designs. The results are a comfortable, attractive, environmentally friendly home.

Our trademarked designs notably optimize your space for your comfort as well as aesthetic appeal. That’s what sets us apart from the other modular home builders in Australia like Wagga Wagga Home Builders.

At Grouse House, we employ modular designs that we can easily customize to your tastes and needs. While many of our customers are couples, either just married or just retired, we customize for families as well.

Whether you are a retiree or first-time home buyer, a Grouse House Granny Flat offers you affordability and flexibility. Choose from several design options, including built-in wardrobes, reverse cycle air conditioning, solar panels, and more. We even have landscaping options to complete the package.

We make the entire process as easy as possible for you, from financing to design and interior decorating, to installing a carport and landscape features.

Affordable New Home

Built New - Just The Way You Like It ✔

What Type of Home Suits You?

We listed the most common situations that lead people to purchase homes from us as well as the benefits of a Granny Flat for more types of homebuyers than retirees. As much as we believe in our quality homes, Granny Flats are not for everyone.

If you need a sprawling home with lots of extra bedrooms, you may want to stick with traditional homes. Large families may not find the smaller space comfortable, especially if family members have varying interests that require space, such as sports equipment, computer hardware, or artistic hobbies.

Our Grouse House team has been in your shoes, and we know that families are as varied as their needs and preferences. If you are looking for an affordable house that’s efficient with space, please contact us to see our Granny Flat floorplans. When it comes to an eco-friendly, sharp modular design, we got you covered.


Downsizing your home
Smiling granny working with laptop at home

The Continued Popularity of Granny Flats

Part of the reason Granny Flats are so popular is that the Australian Government and respective state governments encourage Granny Flats as one way to address the affordable housing crisis. Changes in legislation make building a second structure on your residential property a fairly painless process.

Due to the demand, home builders like us are not designing the Granny Flats of yesterday. Now, our modular designs appeal to any Australian who wants a comfortable lifestyle combined with affordable housing. For the older generations, our homes mean continued independent living without the financial burden of a large mortgage.

Contact us today to see our home designs and available add-ons and extras. You may just be surprised by what you see.

A grouse house home

It’s unique, stylish and practical. You’ll be amazed at how much room our eco friendly, cleverly designed homes truly are. If you like optimising space without sacrificing comfort then our fully copyrighted plans are exactly the house you need.

We design our homes to assist first home buyers entering the market, first time & seasoned investors and also cater for retirees looking for a maintenance free home so they can relax and save.


Owning your own home has never been this easy! Take advantage of a generous government grant PLUS saving on stamp duty.


Increase your returns. Turn an empty backyard into a money earner. Double your rental income PLUS earn capital gains.


These can cost big $$ so build a 2nd dwelling on your existing site, get a govt sponsored carer to visit, and see your investment increase in value.

Building A New Home Has Never Been So Affordable

New Home Affordability Is Our Number 1 Priority

~ Herbert j Field,

Director Grouse House Homes

“There is no me; there’s only we! For me it’s not about life’s duration it’s about life’s donation. There’s nothing I like better than planting trees under whose shade I may never sit knowing that the branches will continue to grow and provide shade for the many who follow. Living is giving. If it’s going to be it’s up to me!”  Herbert j Field

Recently there has been a change in the market away from McMansions to a lower cost, simply designed home with a low carbon footprint; that can be made to order by modifying our standard design to make the home uniquely ones’ own.

The 59.45 sq. m. Granny Flat version is a complying development under NSW law so the council cannot stop it being built on a site as a second dwelling provided, as a rule of thumb, the primary dwelling doesn’t take up more than 50% of the site.

The larger 3 bedroom design is 110 sq. m.

Nevertheless the house can be made any size you like and can be built inexpensively by adapting it to our basic design.

A Grouse House Home is a Great home with Great Looks!

It’s great for Grannies and First Home buyers; and for singles!

People love it! “It’s not too big, not too small, it’s just right”!

And it can be finished off just the way you want it to make it uniquely YOU!

  1. It won’t cost you much and finance is available for approved applicants.
  2. You should get a LOT more than bank interest on your investment by renting it out. The rental income should pay off any borrowings sooner rather than later.
  3. It will cost a fraction of the cost of investing in a retirement village home; AND you should get a capital gain one day NOT a capital loss when you leave a retirement village.
  4. You can retain your independence
  5. You can enjoy a garden &/or a veggie patch
  6. You can have a dog and a chook which you won’t be able to have if you live in a home unit.
  7. We’ll give you a hand by helping you sort everything out.

Welcome To Your New Smaller - Smarter Home

The All-New Architech Designed – Made To Order -Built On Your Site – So You Can Move In Sooner

Great Home - Great Looks 👍

Great for Grannies and First Home buyers!

Single people love it & so do couples just starting out!

Home builder, affordable, first home buyer, Wagga Wagga
Granny Flat Builder Wagga Wagga

Registered Brand ™

The Grouse is a nesting bird so our registered trademark is only used on environmentally friendly homes of a superior quality and design!

Better built for Australian conditions.

COPYRIGHTED space optimizing design.

Original Designs ©

Giving buyers the OPTION of changing the designs exterior/interior to reflect their personality with a wide range of fixtures and finishes.